Coto de Hayas Tempranillo Cabernet 2016

CHF 9.20

12 × 75 cl


Coto de Hayas Tempranillo Cabernet 2016

Bodegas AragonesasD.O. Campo de BorjaAragónSpain



65 %

Cabernet Sauvignon

35 %

Fruity, light and independent red wine


JP 87 / 100 von José Peñin


Can immediately be enjoyed.

Shelf life

2 – 6 years, good vintages up to 8 years.

Percent alcohol


Serving temperature

To be served slightly chilled at between 12 – 15 °C

Goes with

Charcuterie, pâtés, vegetable pie, pasta, grilled meat of any kind, strong young soft and hard cheese.


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