Bonus System

The basis of the bonus system is the addition of your paid purchases made via your customer account at Evino's online shop. If your purchases exceed a total order value of CHF 2,000, then we will give you a permanent discount as listed below.

Total order amount Bonus discount
Starting CHF 4,000 3 %
Starting CHF 6,000 4 %
Starting CHF 8,000 5 %
Starting CHF 10,000 6 %
Starting CHF 12,000 7 %
Starting CHF 2,000 2 %

Once you reach a bonus level, you will receive regardless of the volume discount, the corresponding bonus discount on your next order. If the volume discount exceeds the Bonus discount or vice versa, we will then of course always grant you the more advantageous discount.

The above discounts do not apply to items on sale (action and special offers). Furthermore quantity and bonus discounts cannot be combined.


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Tasting Package

No tasting packages available. Create your own tasting packages by pressing Try in the product list view or the product detail view.

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