Englora 2013

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Englora 2013

Cellers BaroniaD.O. MontsantKatalonienSpain



51 %


21 %


12 %

Cabernet Sauvignon

9 %


7 %

Rich, medium- and full-bodied red wines


JP 89 / 100 von José Peñin


Can immediately be enjoyed.

Shelf life

4 – 8 years, good vintages up to 10 years.

Percent alcohol


Serving temperature

To be served at room temperature around 15 – 17 °C. Young wines benefit from decanting.

Goes with

Charcuterie, pâtés, vegetable pie, pasta, grilled meat of any kind, strong young soft and hard cheese.

Tasting Notes

It is the most modern wine of our family. We have tried with this wine to boost the fruit of every variety of grapes and combine it with a light note of barrel.

Additional Information

The grapes are picked up manually in14kg boxes, and once in the winery, the most healthy and optimally matured clusters are manually selected. They are destemed, gently pressed and gravity carried (without pump) to the different fermentatition tanks. The grape juice of each variety, ferments and macerates itself apart from its lees in a controlled temperature of 25-26º C, using for this process inox steel tanks. During this process (c.a. 17 days) 2 “flush - over” and 1 “delestage” are daily made in order to extract the “sweet” tanins from our geapes along with their flavor and colour potential. Later on, the malolactic fermentation is done in order to increase “mouth thickness” and stabilize the wine microbiologically. The “crianza” is done separately for each variety and using for each one the most suitable origin and barrel toast. The aging period has been 10 months. 73% of the barrels used in the aging process come from the Allier, Tronçais and Centre French forests and the remaining 27% from the American Oaks of Tenesse area. The toast degrees are 98% medium, and the remaining 2% high toast. The barrels age is 1, 2 and 3 years. The grapes for this elaboration come from aged vineyards: 70 years old Grenache, 50 years old Carignen and about 25 years old the remaining varieties.


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