Lo Món 2010

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Lo Món 2010

Trossos del PrioratD.O.Ca. PrioratKatalonienSpain



60 %

Cabernet Sauvignon

20 %


10 %


10 %

Rich, medium- and full-bodied red wines


RP 92 / 100 von Robert Parker

JP 93 / 100 von José Peñin

Organic Certificates

As of now, longer storage however worthwhile.

Shelf life

4 – 8 years, good vintages up to 10 years.

Percent alcohol


Serving temperature

To be served at room temperature around 15 – 17 °C. Young wines benefit from decanting.

Goes with

Charcuterie, pâtés, vegetable pie, pasta, grilled meat of any kind, strong young soft and hard cheese.

Tasting Notes

Deep crimson red colour to rim. On the nose, black fruit compote aroma together with black spices and notes of licorice. Smooth and velvety in the mouth with tannin tension for structure. A long, warm finish that brings back the aroma of sweet spices.

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